Elevate your floral arrangements with the graceful allure of Iris, available for direct delivery to your doorstep from FlowerFarm. Iris, with its unique and intricate blooms, brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to weddings, events, and special occasions. The distinct, petal-like falls and upright standards of Iris make them a captivating choice for various decorative themes, adding a sculptural and artistic element to your floral displays. Symbolizing wisdom and connection, these blooms carry a profound essence. Trust FlowerFarm to deliver fresh Iris directly from the source, ensuring a stunning and enduring contribution to your arrangements. Embrace the artistic beauty of Iris—order yours today and experience the difference of flowers straight from the grower!
Iris come in many colors including purple, lavender, blue, white, yellow, and less often pink or cream. The stems are long with striking, long pointed foliage. They are beautiful used in Ikebana and other Asian inspired designs. While striking in color and form, they last only 2-3 days as cut flowers.