Excellent for bouquets and boutonnieres, FlowerFarm offers a charming selection of lush bulk carnations in a variety of bold colors for the lowest wholesale prices. Paint the patio pale pink for a sweet 16 birthday or share a bit of good luck on all of your tabletops with bright green for St. Patrick’s Day. Celebratory or simple, FlowerFarm’s vivid and robust bulk carnations will add the perfect touch of flair to any event.

How Much Do Wholesale Carnations Cost?

Ravishing and ruffled, FlowerFarm’s wholesale carnations are a budget-friendly way to incorporate style and color to your floral arrangement or event. Thanks to our close relationships with vendors around the world, we are proud to be able to provide a wide assortment of vibrant bulk carnations, roses, irises and more for competitive wholesale pricing throughout the year. Bonus for our customers - shipping is included in our pricing! With hardy and long-lasting blooms, bulk carnations are a valuable choice for any florist or event planner.

How to Buy Carnations in Bulk

When it comes to purchasing bulk carnations online, preparation is key. Take the time to envision your overall floral scheme and how you’d like to incorporate your wholesale carnations. Be sure to consider both color and quantity. Your bulk carnations will be dry-shipped, so put them in water immediately upon delivery. Trim the stems and remove any lower leaves. Fill clean buckets one-third full with warm water, adding in flower food and the flowers. Next, put your bulk carnations in a cool room away from direct sunlight and allow time for your blooms to rehydrate and open (approximately 24 - 48 hours). Then, start designing!

Can You Buy Bulk Carnations Online?

FlowerFarm’s user-friendly shopping experience makes it a breeze to purchase gorgeous bulk carnations online. Whether brainstorming with a laptop in a design meeting or on the go at an event site walk through, FlowerFarm makes it easy to browse our versatile assortment of bulk carnations from any device. Be inspired by FlowerFarm’s chromatic two-tone and solid bulk carnations and build show-stopping arrangements and events.

Find Wholesale Carnation Near Me

FlowerFarm delivers the best in wholesale carnations directly to your desktop or doorstep. Beginning with a streamlined online shopping experience to shipping straight to your home, office or event space, we bring the farm to you. No need to waste time and miles hunting down bulk carnation options. Whatever your wholesale carnations needs are, we have them here on FlowerFarm. Shop our flowers by stem or color, and find the wholesale purple flowers, bulk hydrangeas or carnations you need for your event.